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We are pleased to announce that our small business strategic alliance program has been enhanced to meet changing federal directives of energy home building guidelines.


We would like to introduce a new concept of energy savings for your home, using proprietary software from our engineering firm and using our latest technology from Berlin, Germany known as Hydronic Cooling “a new concept of air conditioning” with Indoor Air Quality.




This systematic approach is quite simple;


Invest on the building envelope to optimize performance!



Apply all of the options below that are appropriate to the project:


Size openings, select glazing, and utilize shading devices (interior or exterior) to optimize day lighting and glare control while minimizing unwanted heat loss and heat gain. Glazing with a high Visible Transmittance (VT) is desirable for day lighting. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)/Shading Coefficient (SC) requirements depend on desire for maximizing passive solar heating (higher SHGC) or minimizing heat gain (lower SHGC). In colder climates, glazing with a low U-factor minimizes energy use and may reduce need for perimeter heating. Optimize insulation amounts to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by heat losses or heat gains through the building envelope. Moderate interior temperature extremes by using thermal mass where appropriate.

Ensure the integrity of the building envelope to provide thermal comfort and prevent condensation. Use best air/vapor barrier practices and avoid thermal bridging.


In other words, the more you invest on the envelope of the structure the less you depend on the mechanical system to perform!


What if I guarantee your home of 3,000 sq. ft. and your heating and cooling bills will be under $100 a month following this simple method of the “super energy building” concept?




Juan Rudek is registered with the American Lung Association





In General, Sustainable Housing Means:


More Efficient - Lower Bills - More Natural - More Local - High Quality - More Healthy.




The Health House® project is a national education program created by the American Lung Association of Minnesota to raise the standards for better indoor environments. www.healthhouse.org/index.asp




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